Dog days of summer…kitten style







Fredrick & Lilly are sending their Grammy in Ireland, an extra special Birthday Surprise!!!

After many months of short bouts of feverish editing, followed by even longer bouts of procrastination, I have finished the kittens first book. While not likely to win a Pulitzer prize, I am proud of the results.

I used a Groupon I purchased back in June. It was a perfect find since I was in the process of making the book when I got the email. I ended up paying $10 for the Groupon, and then had to pay the shipping.

There are some new pictures that have not yet been posted yet, so enjoy!!!!


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BESTIES! IMG_2737 IMG_2770 IMG_2729 IMG_2728 IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2185 The kittens like nothing more than some quality cuddle time…. and lucky for them Lee and I are more than happy to oblige!   IMG_2865 IMG_2895 IMG_2871 The Boys There is nothing better then a cuddly kitten after a rough day….   ❤ F&L  

Lilly is such a little cuddle bug. At night she spoons you as you sleep. She loves to be held and to be right with you. She comes running from anywhere as soon as you call her name! She is also super rare, as most orange tabby’s are male. Along with all her crazy toes, she is the most precious baby in the world!


Cry Baby