Baby Franklin

Franklin, our BIG baby, is a mainecoon cat. He was born on January 19th, 2015. And he is a real heartthrob <3!


We got Franklin from Bellacoons Mainecoon Cattery, in the Greater Philadelphia area. I cannot say enough about how great Bellacoons Mainecoon Cattery is, and have recommended them countless times, to families interested in Mainecoons.

Franklin was a bit of a surprise for Fred and Lilly, but also to Lee. I have always wanted a big fluffy mainecoon of my own, and felt like it was the right time for us as a family. Fred and Lilly have always gotten along fantastically, so I was hesitant to add a 3rd cat to the mix. I did look at rescues in the area for months, before deciding that a kitten was the best thing to do. (A local rescue that I visited, Last Chance Ranch, in Quakertown, PA, is a wonderful organization, and if you are looking to add any kind of furry, feathery, or scaley animal to your family, check them out!)

Franklin is the front of the pic, with the orange stripe on his cute little head!
Front and center again, what a diva!
Newborn Franky!
Little Franklin at the front- most likely beggin for food :)!
Look at that little thing!
Franklin with his beautiful mother Jassy and siblings.
Franky with a butt to the face by his cute little sister
Kitten pile! Franklin is the more orangey kitten.
Franky poppin in the corner of the pic
OMG Franklin’s little face and big eyes!

Franklin has turned in a sweet and spoiled maniac, just like Lilly and Fredrick!

Dapper Franklin

We couldn’t imagine not having Franklin in our lives, he is a confident, affectionate boy, and makes everyday brighter! Making the decision to bring another cat into an established family unit is a big one. Cats are not like people or even dogs, they do NOT like change, and have to be introduced to each other very CAREFULLY. While kittens are super fun and cute, please think about adopting an equally fun and squeal worthy adult cat!




Dog days of summer…kitten style






Fredrick & Lilly are sending their Grammy in Ireland, an extra special Birthday Surprise!!!

After many months of short bouts of feverish editing, followed by even longer bouts of procrastination, I have finished the kittens first book. While not likely to win a Pulitzer prize, I am proud of the results.

I used a Groupon I purchased back in June. It was a perfect find since I was in the process of making the book when I got the email. I ended up paying $10 for the Groupon, and then had to pay the shipping.

There are some new pictures that have not yet been posted yet, so enjoy!!!!


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Did you yawn yet?


FrednLilly go to the Vet

Well, it had to happen. The little babies were fixed last Tuesday. They were not too pleased about the situation, and even less happy about the cones they had to wear to keep them from licking.


We brought them to the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic. We are sooooo lucky that they are close by, they are a great place to take your animals in the Lehigh Valley. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet. They take amazing care of the Fred and Lilly, and are open 24 hours, for any late night emergencies. As part of the spaying/neutering the kittens had to stay overnight at the vet.


Once we brought them home, we had to somehow try and keep their activity level down. Instead of using our regular Fresh Step litter, we had to use shredded newspaper so that the litter would not get into with paws. You can also use natural paper litter, but day old newspaper is free! They were also confined to the downstairs bathroom and craft room in an attempt to limit their activity.

Fred was unquestionably, worse with licking than Lilly was. Any chance he got he would lick away…..Typical Fred!


For even more “Kittens in Kones” pics click here!




Kittens First Night Home

Since I was so rude and never actually put up their first photos… I will try to redeem myself with these amazingly adorable pics!



It’s so crazy how scared Lilly was when we first brought her home. Now she is the biggest cuddle bug and loves to be around us!



Click Here to see the entire album from the kittens first night!




Quick Fix: Kitten Belly Aches

Fredrick, being the sensitive gentleman that he is, is prone to kitten belly aches. Which, lucky for us, are followed by uncontrollable diarrhea. Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of waking up to him crying and pooping on our comforter!


Thank god, we have found a pretty good method to clear up his belly aches and get him feeling great again.

Once we notice that he no longer is having solid poops, there is no missing that smell, I take away their food for 24 hours. I leave out plenty of water for them and watch to make sure they are drinking it. Even though, Lilly has not had any belly issues, we still take away the food from both of them, just to make it easier for us.

After 24 hours of no food, at this point he usually is still having less frequent diarrhea, I mix up ground turkey and a can of pumpkin for them to eat. This mixture is very light on their stomachs and easy for them to digest. I use 99% fat free ground turkey, and cook it without oil, in a nonstick  skillet. Once the turkey is completely cooked through, I mix in one can of pumpkin, which you can find in the baking aisle. I typically will give them 2-3 small servings of the turkey mixture, until I have used it all. I store it in the fridge for them. It usually lasts 3 days. Of course if your kitten is still suffering from diarrhea after this point, immediately take him/her to the vet.

The biggest risk with kittens having diarrhea is that they can become dehydrated. If your kitten has been suffering for more than a few days, take them to the vet ASAP.

Fred and Lilly are not picky eaters, and are notorious scavengers of all types of food. If you do have a picky eater, you can mix the ground turkey with white rice, or plain mashed potatoes. The key is to get them eating easily digestible food to get their digestive systems back to normal.

Let us know what some of your secrets are for curing your kittens blues!

Wild Man

Kitty Kondo!!!!

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