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Quick Fix: Kitten Belly Aches

Fredrick, being the sensitive gentleman that he is, is prone to kitten belly aches. Which, lucky for us, are followed by uncontrollable diarrhea. Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of waking up to him crying and pooping on our comforter!


Thank god, we have found a pretty good method to clear up his belly aches and get him feeling great again.

Once we notice that he no longer is having solid poops, there is no missing that smell, I take away their food for 24 hours. I leave out plenty of water for them and watch to make sure they are drinking it. Even though, Lilly has not had any belly issues, we still take away the food from both of them, just to make it easier for us.

After 24 hours of no food, at this point he usually is still having less frequent diarrhea, I mix up ground turkey and a can of pumpkin for them to eat. This mixture is very light on their stomachs and easy for them to digest. I use 99% fat free ground turkey, and cook it without oil, in a nonstick  skillet. Once the turkey is completely cooked through, I mix in one can of pumpkin, which you can find in the baking aisle. I typically will give them 2-3 small servings of the turkey mixture, until I have used it all. I store it in the fridge for them. It usually lasts 3 days. Of course if your kitten is still suffering from diarrhea after this point, immediately take him/her to the vet.

The biggest risk with kittens having diarrhea is that they can become dehydrated. If your kitten has been suffering for more than a few days, take them to the vet ASAP.

Fred and Lilly are not picky eaters, and are notorious scavengers of all types of food. If you do have a picky eater, you can mix the ground turkey with white rice, or plain mashed potatoes. The key is to get them eating easily digestible food to get their digestive systems back to normal.

Let us know what some of your secrets are for curing your kittens blues!

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Instagram Hack

We really, really love how cute we look in Instagramed pics. The only problem is, we don’t want to have all of our pictures public. Being the resourceful kittens we are, we figured out how to Instagram, without posting the picture live. I know we are soooo smart!

Instagram Hack

Here is how we did it on our iphone:

  • Go to settings, turn on airplane mode
  • Go to Instagram app, upload picture as you usually do
  • The picture upload will fail, delete the picture from your feed
  • Instagramed pic is saved automatically in your photos


Let us know if you need any help or have questions.

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